Beth MacDonald

Fort Bragg Area Veterans Services Officer

Beth MacDonald’s life story is one of service and commitment to the Special Forces community. She is the Gold Star Spouse of MSG Gregory Trent, who served in the 3rd Special Forces Group when he gave his life. While we often tiptoe around discussing these delicate matters, Beth is an open book regarding her family’s struggles and triumphs. She wants to talk about it so others know they are not alone. She insists that Gwen’s father, who she calls “Trent,” would have wanted it that way. “Trent would’ve come back from the dead and kicked my behind if I sat around in a pile of tears every day. He wouldn’t have put up with it if I had role modeled that behavior, so I chose to get up and do something.”

Through her own story, she has also come to understand the challenges unique to the path of widowhood and the ins and outs of SF life. “I’ve seen how hard it is for Gold Star Spouses and soldiers to get their benefits after they have sacrificed for their country,” says Beth; “They have fought so hard for their country, and they shouldn’t have to fight for their benefits. Having someone like me step in and say, ‘Let me take your hand; I’ve been there; let me help you’ is one less thing to stress about. After my husband’s passing, when I had to go through VA benefits, I wasn’t in a state where I knew what was happening. It was then that somebody grabbed my arm and said, ‘I’ve got you.’ That’s an important thing that people can do for each other. To say, ‘I’m going to take this burden off you because you have done enough. You have suffered enough.'”

And this is just what Beth has joined the GBF, in the role of Veteran Service Officer, to do. Before coming onboard with the GBF, Beth has worked in various roles for 20 years in and around the SF community, always focusing on serving spouses and families in a resource and support role. Her eclectic career has also included positions with the DOD and Disney Company. A lifelong student passionate about learning, Beth is a writer whose work was recently published in her first book, “And Still She Rises.”