Julia Faith Hass

Steel Mags | Ft. Lewis, Washington

Meet your Ft. Lewis Chapter Lead Julia Faith Hass.

Julia Hass was born and raised in DuPont Washington, located just outside the gates of Joint Base Lewis McChord. She is a preacher’s daughter and has nine siblings who are now living scattered throughout the world. Half of which are active duty military. In 2008, while attending community college she met her husband Rich who is a Green Beret with 1st group in Washington. They have three boys and one dog and hope to add more children to their family in the future through adoption.

She was introduced to the Green Beret Foundation and Steel Mags in 2012 after her husband took a side job as a cadre for the outdoor adventure company, GORUCK. She has since participated in multiple GORUCK events around the country that served as fundraisers for the GBF and other foundations. While her husband was serving a SWC tour at Ft. Bragg North Carolina, Julia was running an after school sports program for elementary age kids throughout Moore County for the three years they spent on the East coast. She also took up Crossfit and became a certified coach and personal trainer in 2013. She currently coaches at a local Crossfit gym where she gets to spend her time helping old and new friends get stronger and healthier through fitness and nutrition. She is looking forward to going back to school to become a master Esthetician in the Winter of 2017.

Julia has a special place in her heart for Special Forces wives and believes that deep life-long friendships truly play a large roll in helping families not just survive but thrive in the special operations lifestyle. Julia and Rich have been through numerous deployments and want to use what they’ve learned to help other families in the community succeed and grow in even the toughest circumstances. In her free-time she enjoys, playing soccer, Crossfit, snowboarding, shooting guns, burritos and her guilty pleasure, reading celebrity gossip magazines in the rainy pacific northwest.

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