Scott Kinder

Ambassador | Australia


KinderScott served in differing roles on an Operational Detachment – Alpha (A-team) in the US Army Special Forces before transitioning to civil service and serving as a Program Manager within the newly formed Marine Special Operations Command (MARSOC).  This service spanned more than a decade at differing command levels of Special Operations Forces.

Scott helps clients across many industries manage projects, build teams, close sales, and identify avenues for strategic growth.

Scott has also developed a unique and efficient system of Self Defense, Spartan Training, which is based on his 30+ years in different martial arts and coupled with the lessons and training conducted through different military and government services.

Prior to the military, Scott served as the Vice President (Operations) for a global startup, an operations specialist at a Fortune 500 bank, lead instructor at a large martial arts academy, and as a barista at Starbucks…

Lastly, Scott is the founder and author of the Invictus Series which will allow you to better understand and embrace an elite mindset.

Book One of the Invictus series is out now: The Hill – Overcoming Fear and Learning to Embrace an Elite Mindset is available on

Scott is also the author of Ground Truth: Enhance personal and organizational leadership skills and accountability through lessons learned from elite Military Special Forces and is the founder of The Kinder Group which specializes in Operational Intelligence, business development, training, leadership coaching, and strategy.

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