Concert Series in Support of US Army Special Forces


Friday October 06, 2023

What is better than a concert series in support of our nation’s most elite forces? Jason Borchik and Colby Smith, both former Green Berets, joined forces to create a meaningful impact on the lives of US Army Special Forces soldiers and their families. Pursuing successful careers, these two veterans understood the power of unity and collaboration in achieving a shared mission, also known as the ‘Force Multiplier’ mindset.

Jason Borchik, Vice President of Business Development, and Colby Smith, General Manager and VP of Operations at Home Run Dugout, teamed up to make a difference. They are hosting an ongoing three-concert series at Home Run Dugout in Katy, Texas, featuring Drake White, Brandon Davis, and the Eli Young Band. To amplify their impact, they collaborated with Camilo Rojas III, the Vice President of Marketing at Silver Eagle Distributors Houston, who shared their commitment to service.

Through their collective efforts, Silver Eagle Distributors Houston, LLC pledged $10,000 in donations to the Green Beret Foundation, with the proceeds from three concerts going directly to support US Army Special Forces soldiers of all generations, their families, caregivers, and survivors. In doing so, they embodied the ‘Force Multiplier’ mindset, showing that when individuals come together with a common purpose, they can make a profound and lasting impact on the lives of those who have served their great nation.

For more information on the concert series, please visit Home Run Dugout’s event page: https://www.homerundugout.com/upcoming-events

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