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In May 1943, the Allied Forces determined that a new type of leader was required to win World War II. Operation Jedburgh parachuted three-man teams deep behind enemy lines to win no matter the challenge. Jedburghs lived by the mantra, "How you prepare today determines success tomorrow." Today's leaders are no different. The Jedburgh Media Channel empowers leaders to achieve success on their journey to transform themselves and their organizations. Creator, Host, and Special Forces Green Beret Fran Racioppi interviews the world's most prominent visionaries, drivers of change, and those dedicated to winning no matter the challenge. Each episode is an in-depth discussion with trailblazers whose leadership lessons empower listeners to define success and operate at an elite level, regardless of the task at hand. Join our Jedburgh Team to reach your dreams!

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#135: A Green Beret’s Hardest Mission – Green Beret Foundation’s Charlie Iacono & Nick Lavery (2023 Army Navy Game Series)

Friday, April 12, 2024

There’s a dangerous difference between a Quiet Professional and Silent Professional. We’re conditioned as Green Berets to put the mission first and get the job done. That’s why Army Special...

#134: Yoga, NYC Body Shaming & Taking Your Own Leg – Combat Wounded Amputees Dan Nevins & Elana Duffy (2023 NYC Veterans Day Parade Series)

Wednesday, January 31, 2024

Could you make the decision to remove your own leg. What if you’d already lost the other and taking the second meant starting over? For the final episode of the...

#133: America’s National Will, Bias For Action & Friendless Men – MACV-SOG Green Beret Richard Rice & GORUCK Founder Jason McCarthy (2023 NYC Veterans Day Parade Series)

Friday, January 19, 2024

Great leaders exist in every industry. When we think about great leaders we often remember the things they did. But what’s more important is the impact they had on individuals,...

#132: The Biggest Veterans Day Event In America – NYC Commissioners James Hendon & Zach Iscol, Grand Marshal LTG(R) Mike Linnington, UWVC Chairman Nick Angione (2023 NYC Veterans Day Parade Series)

Thursday, January 11, 2024

Veterans Day is about more than honoring service; it’s about preparing leaders to serve in the military and beyond. For the 104th running of the New York City Veterans Day...

#131: NYC Welcomes Home Its Vietnam Vets – The Wall That Heals Comes to Queens – Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund

Wednesday, December 20, 2023

America's Vietnam Veterans didn't come home to parades. They didn't come home to standing ovations. They didn't come home to a welcoming public that embraced what they did overseas. When...

#130: Health, Safety, Intelligence & the Role of the Chief Security Officer – International SOS Sally Llewellyn, Kelly Johnstone & Dr. Mark Fischer

Wednesday, December 06, 2023

The security challenges we face today are more complex, less predictable and faster evolving than at any point in recent history. When Fran Racioppi isn’t hosting the Jedburgh Podcast he...


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The Green Beret Foundation is a nonprofit charitable organization dedicated to supporting America's U.S. Army Special Forces soldiers and their families. They provide emergency, immediate, and ongoing support to Special Forces Soldiers and their families. The foundation is committed to growing and sustaining the needs of the Special Forces regiment for decades to come. Since its inception, the foundation has invested over $15 million in support of the Special Forces community, providing aid to more than 13,000 families with 87% of every dollar going directly into their programs and services.


About the Host

Fran Racioppi is the Founder & CEO of FRsix where he leads operations in critical infrastructure projects. He served 13 years in the US Army Special Forces as a Green Beret. Fran is passionate about building the world's best leaders and the impact our special operators have in service and beyond. He holds a BA from Boston University in Broadcast Journalism and an MBA from NYU Stern, as well as the security industry's highest accreditation as a Certified Protection Professional.


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