VA Benefits & Claims Program

Providing Green Berets with a professional analysis of their claims in pursuit of Veterans Administration benefits.

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In late 2018, the Green Beret Foundation absorbed the formerly known OASIS Group, which provided the Special Operations community a comprehensive understanding of Veterans Affairs processes and systems to ensure fair and thorough evaluations pertaining to disability claims.

Our VA Benefits & Claims Program provides pre- and post-9/11 Green Berets:

  • Pre-transition briefings about Veterans Affairs benefits and processes for Green Berets and their loved ones.
  • Preparation, presentation, and prosecution of an original or updated VA Disability Claim.
  • Expert support to review current Military/Personnel Service Medical Records or Post-service VA Treatment records and locate any missing or archived documents as evidence to submit when filing your VA disability claim.
  • Assess previous service documentation or records for a condition or an injury that could have potentially led to a service-connection: the in-service injury or diagnosis.
  • Vocational rehabilitation support and opportunities.

The importance of the VA Benefits & Claims program for the Green Beret community cannot be understated.

When Master Sergeant (Ret.) Mike Clark retired in 2014 after 20 years in Special Forces, he had accumulated a number of injuries which had never been properly documented in his records. “I would use my Team Medics to treat me and keep me on various ODAs instead of going to sick call,” he recalls, “and though my attitude may have been noble, I was really setting myself up for failure in the future as far as my benefits were concerned.” Knowing that it is difficult if not impossible to obtain VA coverage for undocumented injuries, he turned to the Green Beret Foundation (GBF) for help. “As I started trying to understand and prepare my medical records, I was confused about the process and the steps that needed to be taken. John Armezzani and GBF were instrumental in helping break down the process for me, making it simple and helping me devise a step-by-step plan for my transition from military to civilian life. The services provided by GBF are a godsend. They knew how to explain, make a plan of action, navigate, and execute said plan for squaring me away.” Today, Mike Clark is receiving all of the benefits that he rightfully earned. “The service that GBF provides is necessary and critical for the Special Forces community,” he says. “I am thankful for what GBF was able to do for me and my family.”

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