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Apr 22 - 24, 2022

Metropolitan Park , Jacksonville, FL


GORUCK, a GBF Corporate Sponsor, is throwing a massive 3-Day Fitness Festival in sunny Florida in their hometown of Jacksonville from April 22-24, 2022.

If you've heard of GORUCK NASTY circa 2013, 2022 is the year that the spirit of GORUCK Nasty returns with a vengeance, to their town of Jacksonville, Florida. Savage Race (Sam their CEO is a good friend and long time GRT) is building a full urban obstacle course, and they've invited global leaders in the fitness and training universe to descend upon our town to speak (think: TED talks style) and lead training classes in the field. And so far, they’ve all said yes, we’re in.

There are a TON of GORUCK Events inside of Sandlot JAX that will be 100% included in the price of admission, each with its own patch:

- GORUCK Tribe Reunion (Basic Challenge - at a minimum)
- Rucking Star Course - various distances 5K to minimum 12 Miler
- Badass Babes - specific event TBD, likely a BASIC.
- Cadre DS (GORUCK’s Director of Training)-led event - involving Sandbag and Rucksack Training. (Something like what is currently called Cloverleaf)
- Kids Event
- Scavenger Hunt style event (“Ale Trail” is a thing Downtown)

If you register for Sandlot JAX - Fitness Festival, they'll ask you down the line what you are going to participate in, but once you register for the Festival, you’ll be good to go and you get to pick your own adventure for three days. Also, per day, there will be a separate “Sandlot JAX” patch that you’ll earn by showing up and sweating with some of the best and smartest trainers on planet earth. 3 days, 3 different SL Jax patches.

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Metropolitan Park , Jacksonville, FL



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