Bob Parsons

Colonel (Ret.), Advisor

pictBob Parsons brings to the table several decades of proven success conceiving, championing, and leading successful execution of operational improvement and change management initiatives that dramatically enhance efficiency, organizational capability, competitive position, and financial performance. With stellar success in private sector commercial settings and some of the most intense, high-pressure military environments as a Special Forces Colonel, his greatest skill lies in getting multiple conflicted stakeholders on the same page to move complex concepts forward, a prerequisite for the success of any initiative.

In diverse corporate executive level general management, operational, strategic, and business development roles as well as high-profile, mission-critical leadership roles with the U.S. Army’s Special Forces, Bob has established himself as a recognized expert in strategy development and implementation of organizational change and new core competency development initiatives in collaborative environments including virtual, small team, and corporate/military command settings. He excels at gaining consensus regarding complex, difficult problems and organizing teams to deliver collaborative solutions.

Serving as Chief, Security Force Assistance Proponent Office (Colonel, Special Forces) with the U.S. Army, Bob was heavily involved in a highly visible capacity in development, assessment, planning, controlling, and synchronizing of US Special Operation Command’s (USSOCOM’s) efforts supporting the Department of Defense’s initiative to institutionalize Security Force Assistance (SFA) as a new core competency and approach to national defense. Applying his strategic analysis, planning, consensus building, and execution skills, he collaborated across diverse organizations and agencies to create and institutionalize plans and processes, develop and approve institutional change recommendations, and formulate a comprehensive change management process. He established a Project Management Office to implement the SFA institutionalization plan for Special Operations, along with doctrine, policy, training, and an organizational change plan.

Previously as Chief of Operations for U.S. Special Operations Command headquarters, he demonstrated exceptional analysis, planning, and process development skills in high pressure wartime conditions, enabling recovery of multiple U.S. hostages, successful execution of several high-profile DoD Global Terrorism Exercises, and effective monitoring and synchronization of Special Operations forces worldwide. In a consulting/advisory capacity, Bob equipped Iraqi forces to independently plan and sustain counterinsurgency operations and developed one of the most effective Iraqi units in Baghdad, while controlling operations to ensure the safety, health, and training of 25 deployed advisors and support personnel. Bob’s contributions in Iraq also include writing a comprehensive Special Operations strategy and assisting in standing up the first Iraqi Special Forces unit.

Acquiring a residential contracting company in 2001 with the goal to grow it to its full potential, Bob led the company as President to a threefold sales increase and a 200% improvement in customer retention through a new business strategy and major market repositioning.

Throughout a stellar 9-year career with Sears Roebuck & Co., Bob advanced rapidly through increasingly responsible roles, gaining the attention of the Senior Vice President for Strategy and ultimately serving as Director for Strategy and Business Development for the $43B international retailer. Leveraging his operational analysis, strategic planning, and team leadership/motivation skills, Bob’s contributions to Sears include leading a district to top 5% revenue growth among 65 districts with #1 overall profit and #1 customer satisfaction ranking, a change management strategy for the Tire Group resulting in a $67M first year performance improvement, and a 20% increase on a $2.3B online/brick and mortar business.

Bob holds a MBA in Executive Management from Baylor University and a B.A. in Organizational Communication from the University of South Florida. His community involvement includes serving as Executive Board Member for the Apartment Association of Greater Orlando, Boy Scouts of America Venturing Crew Committee Chair, and Board of Advisors Member of the Green Beret Foundation.