At the Green Beret Foundation, we honor our commitment to Green Berets past and present, as well as their families, by connecting them with the resources they need to succeed in the mission ahead to prosper and thrive.

The Steel Mags is a national organization with daily contact. We are also structured by chapter and we provide coverage for all five active Special Forces Groups as well as our two National Guard Special Forces Groups. Each Chapter hosts frequent support events and provides resources to uplift and reinforce the sisterhood of the Special Forces Community. The Steel Mags is not a replacement for Family Readiness Groups. We do not duplicate what is already set in place. We supplement existing support.

Those that demonstrate a high level of patriotism to our Country, the Green Beret Community and the Spartan female spirit are the only ones that gain membership to this group. The Steel Mags was specifically created to serve as a sorority to perpetuate female strength, adaptability and endurance. The Steel Mags perpetuates the phrase “force multipliers”. They are the epitome of the Spartan female force.

These ladies have stood steady during the longest hot war in American history. The group started with wives of wounded Green Berets and has grown to include Green Beret Gold Star ladies and wives of those Green Berets that have “merely” seen numerous deployments yet are not considered wounded. We have created a community that provides a safe, accepting, and stable setting for our Ladies of the Green Berets.

Not only do the Steel Mags support each other internally through the sorority but they are also very involved in their local communities and across the country. This is an active group of leaders providing mentorship to young girls and ladies throughout the country by way of delivering leadership training, participating in athletic and social events, and planning and executing events.

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