Reintegration through Entrepreneurship

As you have redirected your focus and energy from Green Beret to business owner, there may be areas that you need assistance with. This page is dedicated to Entrepreneurship, providing knowledge, experience and links to sites that can get you started. Below are interviews and articles from successful Entrepreneurs, challenges they faced and how to overcome those obstacles. At the bottom of this page you will find links to the U.S. Small Business Administration website for veterans to apply for a small business, mentorship programs and organizations that provide entrepreneurial training.

How vets can successfully translate their skills into successful entrepreneurship

Jim Hake, founder/CEO of Spirit of America, knows what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur and businessman. He wants to support Green Berets and other service members in making the leap from active duty in their journey over the Next Ridgeline – from wearing camouflage to putting on a business suit.

Green Beret meets the market’s demand

Ret. SGM Bruce Parkman spent his career in the Army serving the country and thought he had everything planned out. Armed with a Masters degree and his experience he transitioned into civilian life and found the job market to be more challenging than he imagined. He used his expertise and started a Green Beret owned company and sought out to meet the market needs

Special Forces soldier turned entrepreneur

Decorated Green Beret sniper, entrepreneur, and American hero John Wayne Walding sits down with Shoulders of Giants to talk sacrifice, persistence, NASCAR, and his sweet new ride. He also dives into his boutique custom rifle company.

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