GBF Announces Resignation of Executive Director


Monday November 07, 2022

As you know, the Green Beret Foundation was created to pursue a singular mission: to provide the highest possible standard of care to all Green Berets past, present, and future.

One critical facet of this mission is the implicit understanding of the complexity of the challenges that every Green Beret faces throughout their lives, in active duty and beyond.

As a Foundation, we exist to provide assistance to those Green Berets who are courageous enough to understand when it is time to seek our support.

Equally important is the recognition that no Green Beret is ever exempt from facing these challenges; they are what make us human. Our struggles through training, deployments, and transition are often the very things that most bond us together.

This is why, at this challenging time, we ask for your support and understanding as our Executive Director, Brent Cooper, has chosen to step down from his position at the helm of the Green Beret Foundation in order to attend to personal and private family matters.

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