Green Berets in the Community: Serving Beyond the Battlefield with Daniel L. Runyon


Monday August 14, 2023

Meet a remarkable Green Beret, Daniel L. Runyon, whose dedication to serving others extends far beyond his 24 years of distinguished service in the US Army. As both an enlisted soldier and a commissioned officer, he led combat missions in the Middle East under the harshest conditions. His experiences have been shared in the book “Beyond Hell and Back,” inspiring readers worldwide. Additionally, he shared his journey through a self-published book, Disciple of Chaos.”

Transitioning to civilian life, he started his own coaching business, motivating others to achieve greatness. But his service doesn’t end there. As a volunteer Greyshirt for Team Rubicon, he deploys on disaster response missions, helping communities in times of crisis.

In 2020, he joined Team Unbroken, led by CSM(R) Gretchen Evans, to compete in the world’s toughest race, Patagonia. Despite its cancellation due to the pandemic, he stayed on as a competitor, providing navigation expertise. The team now prepares for a 100 km race, Ironman Mont Tremblant, and the Patagonman Chile Triathlon in 2023.

Additionally, he volunteers as Program Director with the Unbroken Spirit Organization, guiding veterans to achieve their potential through Appalachian and Rocky Mountain hikes. His commitment to fellow veterans is unwavering.

This Green Beret’s journey exemplifies the enduring impact of these elite soldiers. Their ethos of duty, honor, and selflessness remains unwavering beyond the military, making them exceptional community contributors. As we encounter veterans, especially Green Berets, let’s remember their service extends far beyond the battlefield. They continue to inspire and leave a legacy of courage and compassion in everything they do.


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