Green Beret Foundation Announces the Next Ridgeline 2.0 Program for Seamless Military-to-Civilian Transition


Thursday May 16, 2024

The Green Beret Foundation (GBF) is proud to announce the Next Ridgeline 2.0 Program, a new initiative aimed at supporting Green Berets and their families during their transition from military service to civilian life. This limited market release marks the first phase of the program, offering tailored support and resources aimed at empowering Green Berets towards meaningful post-service opportunities.

The Next Ridgeline 2.0 Program exemplifies GBF’s commitment to supporting Green Berets and their families through life’s transitions. By focusing on crucial areas such as VA claims processing, health and wellness, family support, financial readiness, and career guidance, the program equips participants with the essential tools for success. Moreover, GBF ensures that participants’ overall well-being, encompassing mind, body, and spirit, is prioritized throughout the transition process. The Next Ridgeline 2.0 initiative recognizes the importance of a strong family support system by offering resources for Green Berets and their families. It acknowledges the crucial role families play and seeks to cater to the needs of spouses and children during this significant transition period, in addition to the support provided to the Green Berets themselves.

Charlie Iacono, President and CEO of the Green Beret Foundation, expressed his enthusiasm about the initiative, stating, “I firmly believe that our commitment extends beyond just supporting our Green Berets during their service. It’s about helping them rediscover their purpose post-service, empowering them to excel not only as warriors but as fathers, husbands, and pillars of their communities. By providing resources that encompass their families, we are ensuring a holistic approach to their reintegration, fostering stronger bonds and a brighter future for all.”

With access to a Career Services Hub tailored specifically to Green Berets and their spouses, participants can explore employment opportunities that leverage their unique skills and experiences. The program ensures that participants can connect with companies and employers committed to providing a supportive environment for Green Berets during their integration into civilian life.

The Next Ridgeline 2.0 Program aims to have a tangible impact on veterans’ post-service endeavors, enabling them to find purpose and meaningful opportunities in their new civilian lives. For more information about the Green Beret Foundation and the Next Ridgeline 2.0 Program, please visit the Green Beret Foundation’s website

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