Olivia McLaughlin as new Programs & Services Coordinator


Tuesday July 11, 2023

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS – July 11, 2023 – The Green Beret Foundation, which provides U.S. Army Special Forces Soldiers and their families with emergency, immediate and ongoing support, is pleased to announce Olivia McLaughlin as Programs & Services Coordinator effective July 10, 2023.

In her new role, Olivia will be responsible for providing case management and referral services to Special Forces soldiers and their families, working closely with the Director of Programs & Services and external program partners to ensure that their programs and services are delivered at the highest level. Olivia holds a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing with a specialization in Psychology and a Master’s in Business Administration from Roger Williams University in Rhode Island. 

Olivia’s unique background in marketing and psychology equips her with the skills necessary to build strong connections with individuals in the community, ensuring that the programs and services provided are tailored to meet their specific needs. Her strategic thinking and analytical mindset will be an asset to the organization as she implements innovative strategies to expand their reach and impact, contributing to their growth and success.

Welcome to the Green Beret Foundation team as the new Programs & Services Coordinator, Olivia McLaughlin!

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