The Green Beret Foundation & iCare Concussion Group Initiative


Wednesday February 28, 2024

San Antonio, Texas, February 28, 2024The Green Beret Foundation, in partnership with the iCare Concussion Group, is proud to unveil a groundbreaking initiative to transform concussion care. This innovative project showcases the effectiveness of the iCare concussion assessment, treatment, and management protocol, developed over a decade to address Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), persistent post-concussion syndrome (PCS), and Operational Stress Injury (OSI).

“The goal of this project is to aid military personnel who are suffering the debilitating effects of PTSD and persistent post-concussion syndrome,” says Dr. Berge, Chief Clinical Officer of iCare. “The iCare protocol was developed by a group of Doctors specializing in different areas of medicine. The group collaborated over the years to develop the protocol that marries science, technology, and real-life experiences, designed to help patients reach their maximum rehabilitative potential in the fastest, most efficient manner.”

Dr. Berge emphasizes, “This project is an important step towards demonstrating the efficacy of a new and novel approach to dealing with PTSD and persistent post-concussion syndrome. This project will give Green Berets and their families, who are suffering the debilitating effects of PTSD and persistent post-concussion symptoms, hope. Hope is the gift you give as quickly as possible to carry the patient through whatever is appropriately needed to bring them to a place of stability. This is our chance as medical practitioners to give back to those who give us everything.”

Ten Green Berets will undergo treatment for post-concussion syndrome under the supervision of iCare, supported by leading medical professionals and researchers from Canada and the United States. With over 100 years of collective experience, our team will evaluate treatment regimens and monitor patient progress. This collaboration marks the first comprehensive examination of multi-disciplinary interventions in PCS cases.

We’ve established a Private Social Network (PSN) exclusively for project participants and their families to provide unparalleled support. Research underscores the importance of a robust support system for individuals with TBI, PCS, or OSI. Through the PSN, patients and their loved ones can connect with others facing similar challenges, fostering a supportive community throughout the project.

This initiative addresses a critical need in concussion care. While individual medical specialties have shown efficacy in treating specific symptoms, there’s a shortage of research on the optimal sequencing of treatments for PCS. Our findings will benefit healthcare professionals, patients, insurance companies, and medical-legal professionals, potentially saving countless lives due to the elevated suicide rate among PCS patients. 

The Green Beret Foundation’s President and CEO, Charlie Iacono, states, “This initiative exemplifies the Green Beret Foundation’s holistic approach to supporting the well-being of our service members. By revolutionizing concussion care with the iCare Concussion Group, we prioritize all Green Berets’ comprehensive health – physical, mental, and emotional. Through collaborative research, innovative treatment, and dedicated support networks, we stand committed to advancing the long-term health and resilience of US Army Special Forces soldiers”.

For those looking to support the Green Beret Foundation & iCare Concussion Group Initiative, please visit the donation page.


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