The Jedburgh Podcast is Now The Jedburgh Media Channel: An Official Program of the Green Beret Foundation


Wednesday April 10, 2024

San Antonio, Texas, April 4, 2024The Green Beret Foundation proudly announces that The Jedburgh Podcast, hosted by former Green Beret Fran Racioppi, is now an official Green Beret Foundation Program. This partnership underscores the longstanding relationship between Fran Racioppi and the Green Beret Foundation, both dedicated to supporting the Foundation’s mission of providing comprehensive support to U.S. Army Special Forces soldiers and their families.

The Jedburgh Podcast is evolving into a multimedia channel under the auspices of the Green Beret Foundation with the objective of uniting influential figures from diverse backgrounds, including government, business, military, academia, journalism, and athletics. Through stories of today’s visionaries and drivers of change, this program will unlock the secrets to elite performance, talent development, and winning, no matter the challenge. The Jedburgh Media Channel empowers listeners and viewers to define and achieve their own success, overcome obstacles, and foster resilience.

Charlie Iacono, President & CEO of the Green Beret Foundation, stated, “The Jedburgh Media Channel aligns perfectly with our values and ethos. Fran Racioppi’s dedication to excellence and our Foundation’s commitment to supporting the Special Forces community make this partnership a natural fit. This media channel will expand our reach through immersive storytelling and creative dialogue, promoting strength in mind, body, and spirit. Furthermore, the move signals the Foundation’s desire to educate and expand the understanding of the U.S. Army’s Special Forces, the historical impact, modern-day influence, and the success stories of this inherently unique and extraordinary group of service members.”

“We’re entering an exciting phase as The Jedburgh Podcast transforms into The Jedburgh Media Channel under the Green Beret Foundation,” explained Fran Racioppi. “This transition reinforces our dedication to broadening our influence and enhancing our reach while staying true to the Foundation’s mission. By becoming a Green Beret Foundation program, we further solidify our commitment to supporting and creating impact in the lives of Green Berets and their families.”

The inaugural project under this partnership, “Unknown Heroes: Behind Enemy Lines At D-Day,” holds immense significance as it commemorates the first Special Forces units and their contributions to World War II. Hosted by Fran Racioppi and featuring today’s U.S. Army Special Forces leaders, this production highlights the pivotal role and sacrifices made by early special operators in defeating the Axis powers. Broadcasting on over 175 stations nationwide, this production not only raises awareness of the Green Beret Foundation’s mission but also honors the legacy of our predecessors, emphasizing the profound impact of their bravery and dedication.

LTG(R) Ken Tovo, Chairman of the Board of Directors, has extended his sincere support for the upcoming “Unknown Heroes: Behind Enemy Lines at D-Day” production and partnership merger. He emphasized that this production serves as an excellent tool to educate a wider audience about the invaluable contributions of early special operators while also bringing to light the ongoing sacrifices and challenges Green Berets and their families face in modern-day service. This project and, ultimately, the goal of the Jedburgh Media Channel will be crucial in raising awareness and garnering support for Green Berets and their families by paying tribute to their predecessors and highlighting the Foundation’s steadfast commitment to the community.

For more information about the production “Unknown Heroes: Behind Enemy Lines At D-Day,” please visit the webpage.

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