Dugout Mugs and Green Beret Foundation Unite in Epic Partnership – A Home Run for Heroes!


Monday December 04, 2023

Exciting Partnership Announcement!

We are excited to announce an important partnership between the Green Beret Foundation and one of Major League Baseball‘s fastest growing companies, Dugout Mugs! This collaboration brings together two organizations that are fully committed to giving their all.

Meet Kris Dehnert, the co-founder of Dugout Mugs. He and his business partner, Randall Thompson, launched the “Bat turned Mug” venture back in 2017. Embodying the warrior spirit with their Grit, Grind, and “Do it till it’s done” mentality has catapulted them to the summit!

Dugout Mugs mission is to “Celebrate and Serve the HEROES of the Baseball Community” aligns seamlessly with the core values of the Green Beret Foundation: respect, dedication, and creating a positive impact.

“I’ve always had an affinity towards the military, so when I had the chance to collaborate with the Green Beret Foundation, it was a no brainer for me! After building Dugout Mugs (and other companies over the years) I know that success ONLY comes from giving your best, not making excuses, taking care of people, and being relentlessly consistent. Similarly, our collaboration with the Green Beret Foundation embodies the spirit of dedication and making a meaningful difference. Together, we are excited to reach new heights and create lasting impacts for those we serve.”

This partnership marks the launch of Dugout’s pledge to donate 20% of EVERY SALE sold through the Green Beret Foundation‘s dedicated efforts and associated affiliate link ( which will contribute to our shared success. We’re locked and loaded, committed to working shoulder to shoulder, ensuring a substantial impact.

Join us in rallying behind our military heroes and those who support them, as we blend the passion for baseball with the unyielding dedication of the armed forces. Together, we stand ready to make a lasting difference on and off the field!



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