27 - 30

4th Annual Trooper Traverse

Apr 27 - 30, 2018

Colorado , Colorado Springs, CO

4th Annual Trooper Traverse

Trooper Traverse Poster V1.3


  The Trooper Traverse fundraiser is your chance to invest in their future or their families through the Green Beret Foundation. The Green Beret Foundation provides direct and continuous "unconventional" support to the Special Forces community, whether it be the Next Ridgeline© Program for soldiers transitioning to the next chapter of professional life, extended care for the wounded and injured, or the consolation and growth of Gold Star families. Your donation is going to have far-reaching effects - from the team, to the household, to the Regiment, and to the country. Thanks for being a part of a truly important endeavor. Follow us on http://www.facebook.com/troopertraverse page to learn more about the legacy of the Trooper Traverse. If you have any further questions, also feel free to email us at troopertraverse@gmail.com.   More information available at: www.greenberetfoundation.org www.facebook.com/TheTrooperTraverse  
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