25 - 27

Devil’s Brigade Shootout

Sep 25 - 27, 2020

TRM Ranch , Dupuyer, MT

Devil’s Brigade Shootout

The Devil’s Brigade is the nickname given to the 1st Special Service Force, which was brought about during the 2nd World War and is the daddy to the US and the Canadian SOF. “Freddie’s Freighters” was first born in Helena, MT at Ft. Harrison. Serving missions in the Aluetian Islands, Italy, and southern France, these hard Americans and Canadians struck fear into the hearts of their enemies. They would sneak into enemy camps at night, either slit throats or steal boots, and leave a calling card saying, “The worst is yet to come!” We hope to honor and remember these men and their ancestors.  We will also be hosting side matches, a mulligan and are working on a silent auction to benefit the Green Beret Foundation.  Bring your cash to help out a great organization!

Cost:  $250 per person (select Local Pickup or you will be charged shipping!) – Match, T-shirt (or other swag), Saturday and Sunday Breakfast, Saturday Dinner (all shooters and RO’s at the TRM Lodge), and Sunday after match sandwiches included.  You will be sent a link to Practiscore within a few days of purchasing your slot. 


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