The Green Beret Foundation is Proud to Announce the Strategic Addition of Warrior Sportsmen


Thursday April 25, 2024

San Antonio, TX, April 25, 2024 The Green Beret Foundation (GBF) is proud to announce that Warrior Sportsmen, a veteran support nonprofit, is joining forces with the GBF. The GBF will now power the Warrior Sportsmen portfolio of Programs. The integration of Warrior Sportsmen marks a significant milestone in GBF’s mission to provide comprehensive support to the U.S. Army Special Forces Green Berets and their families.

“The addition of Warrior Sportsmen to GBF’s Health & Wellness program represents a significant step forward in our commitment to providing meaningful outdoor experiences for our Green Berets and their families,” shares Charlie Iacono, President and CEO of the Green Beret Foundation. “At GBF, we are focused on connecting Green Berets and their families to treatment methods that are the right fit for each individual. The opportunities made available through Warrior Sportsmen’s efforts offer a holistic approach to strengthening the mind, body, and spirit through outdoor activities with the opportunity to restore and reconnect.”

GBF will expand the current Warrior Sportsmen offerings beyond Green Berets to include their spouses and children. This expansion demonstrates GBF’s unwavering commitment to supporting Green Berets and their families, ensuring that every member of the Green Beret community receives the care and support they need.

Through this engagement, GBF is reinforcing its dedication to holistic wellness and community support, empowering Green Berets and their families to flourish both in and out of combat. “I’d like to express my gratitude to the Green Beret Foundation for their commitment to expanding the mission and impact of the Warrior Sportsmen Programs,” said Doug Frank, Executive Director of Warrior Sportsmen. “Additionally, I want to highlight our growing confidence in the leadership and direction of the Green Beret Foundation. This confidence was a significant factor in Warrior Sportsmen’s decision to align forces with the Foundation, propelling our shared missions forward.”

With the strategic addition of the Warrior Sportsmen program offerings to GBF’s established Health and Wellness Program Pillar, the Foundation continues to increase its capabilities and resources aimed at upholding its commitment to providing care and support fit for Green Berets and their families. To learn more about the Warrior Sportsmen Program Initiatives and to support the Green Beret Foundation’s mission, please visit: https://greenberetfoundation.org.


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