Jamie Morris Joins the Green Beret Foundation as Programs & Services Coordinator


Tuesday April 12, 2022

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The Green Beret Foundation (GBF), an organization dedicated to supporting soldiers of the U.S. Army Special Forces and their families, is pleased to announce that Jamie Morris has joined the team in the role of Programs & Services Coordinator.

A U.S. Army veteran herself with two combat tours under her belt, Jamie Morris has special respect for Green Berets. “Even while I was still active duty,” she explains, “I would thank every Green Beret I met for their service. It’s just a different level of the things they have been asked to do and have done.”

With both parents, an uncle, and grandfather having served in the military, growing up as a Navy brat afforded Jamie the opportunity to call places such as southern Italy, Puerto Rico, and the east coast of the United States home before settling in New Orleans. After graduating from Concordia College – New York with a B.A. in International Studies, she worked in the private sector before enlisting.

After serving 7 years honorably, Jamie left the Army to pursue her MBA in Global Studies and MA in Leadership Studies, while rejoining the private sector and exploring work as a consultant, sales trainer, and community organizer. Still seeking the deeper meaning and satisfaction of service, however, she turned her attention to the nonprofit world, taking a position at a large national VSO.

The Green Beret Foundation is different to Jamie, though. “When I decided I wanted to go nonprofit,” she says, “I knew that there are so many organizations out there who are helping vets. I was looking for one that supports not just the veteran, but the community and the family surrounding them, as well.” The smaller and more close-knit feel of the GBF was also a strong draw: “I wanted to find an organization to work for that’s like a family, and where people aren’t just a number. At the GBF, people are honest. It’s hard work, but everyone on this team is passionate about their job—and in it for the right reasons.”

In short, says Jamie, “Joining the GBF team is an opportunity that I could never pass up. I love being part of an amazing team of such passionate, driven individuals who are helping to grow this organization into the future.”

A massive soccer fan and history buff, Jamie’s hobbies include visiting every single Presidential Library, connecting with people through music, helping others, traveling, and enjoying good food. Her nieces and nephews will vouch for the fact that she is the bona fide world’s greatest aunt.


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